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Quick & Dirty Family Tree Implemented

I’ve integrated a quick and dirty family tree with WordPress using a plug=in called rootsPersona. There are over a thousand people in my database, so the Person index is not terribly useful. The Search widget does work though — I need to clean up the presentation on it, but if you type in a name or surname it will give you valid results. I just tested and you can enter a full name as either “first name last name” or “last name, first name” and you will get results if that name is in the database. It’s going to take some cleaning up, as I said, but rootsPersona seems to be a great plug-in. I might write a detailed review when I’ve figured out exactly what I’m going to have to do to make everything work the way I want.

I do have one issue, not related to the plug-in at all, and that is that the site seems to be really slow. GTmetrix disagrees, however, and says the front page has a Google PageSpeed rating of A (94%).   If you happen by here and think it is slow, could you leave a comment below?  Thanks.